Support and Consulting Services

We understand that as your information technology systems become more integrated into your business, that your business becomes more reliant on the availability of these systems. ASC Software provides expert support and consulting services to ensure that your systems not only work the way your business does but they do so efficiently and with minimum downtime.

ASC Software utilises dedicated support case management tools to ensure that each case is handled in the most efficient way, thus cutting your cost and time to achieve the best possible results. We take every case logged with ASC Software very seriously as we understand its impact upon your business.

Each email to is logged directly into the system, ensuring a full audit trail and history is kept for future reference if needed. Therefore, you can rest assured that every member of the ASC Software team has access to your complete history and be up to speed on the spot when dealing with your cases.

ASC Software provides support and consultancy on a wide variety of business applications across the full range of Microsoft technologies. Here is just an example of some of the many tasks the team at ASC Software routinely performs:

iPhone Application Development

  • Exploit a powerful and pervasive platform for reaching new markets.
  • Provide a rich, immersive experience for your customers.
  • Develop and publish your concepts to a worldwide market.

Microsoft .Net

  • Create a custom business solution tailored towards your exact needs.
  • Integrate with external accounting, CRM or telephony systems.
  • Synchronise information between various data sources.
  • Create responsive intelligent web-based applications.

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Installation and configuration of new SQL Server or SQL Server Reporting Services instances.
  • Database design, maintenance and optimisation.
  • Recommendation of database backup strategies as part of an Enterprise Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Migration of data from a wide variety of data sources into SQL Server.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Perform an in-place upgrade of CRM
  • Troubleshoot CRM performance and stability issues.
  • Relocate CRM to another domain or server.
  • Customise or extend the CRM server to fit your business and reporting requirements.

Microsoft Access

  • Investigate Access performance issues.
  • Maintain existing queries, forms or reports in any Microsoft Access version.
  • Assist in the upgrade process from Microsoft Access to SQL Server.

Microsoft Excel

  • Simplify and streamline data entry with Excel formulae, ranges and Visual Basic.
  • Integrate Excel with other Office applications, such as Outlook, Accounting Systems or Enterprise Servers, such as Microsoft CRM.

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