Perth Custom Software

Why Custom Build?

There are many off-the-shelf solutions available but depending upon the nature of your business these may not meet your exact requirements. Many businesses may seem similar but ultimately the exact nature of the processes surrounding common activities, such as re-stocking inventory or generating a quotation, is entirely different. When an off-the-shelf solution cannot be customised to meet the business or the business is not willing to accept an approximate match, ASC Software can implement a custom system specific for your business.

Benefits of a Custom Built System

When ASC Software custom builds a system for a client we work with them to analyse their own internal processes and build a software package that is entirely tailored to the way they do business. ASC Software follows an agile development methodology and our consultants will actively collaborate with key stakeholders within your organization to ensure that your requirements are accurately captured and delivered. Based upon these discussions, detailed designs are then created enabling you to visualise exactly how your system will look and function. These designs are reviewed and revised if needed to ensure you receive exactly the system you require before a single line of code has been written. If desired, consultants can work at your offices during the design and implementation phases of the project so you can feel every confidence in the process.

To improve efficiency it is also possible to integrate a custom built system with existing software - common examples include Access or SQL Server systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or accounting packages such as Xero, MYOB, Vision or Quicken. We will work with you to define when the data transfer would take place and the rules that apply. Additionally custom built systems enable you to save on the expensive licensing costs of an off-the-shelf product and so are ideal for small to medium organizations. There is also no need to purchase additional user licenses as your company grows. A custom built system is your system.

Technology Options

Building a custom system allows complete freedom in the choice of the technology in which the solution will be implemented. Our professional consultants have considerable experience developing solutions in Access, Excel or standalone Web or Windows-based Microsoft .NET applications for a wide variety of industries and businesses. We also develop solutions for the latest mobile technologies, such as the Apple iPhone, Tablets and smart phones, empowering mobile employees with remote access to your system. Our extensive knowledge across a broad range of the latest Microsoft, Apple and Android technologies allows us to provide an unbiased recommendation of the ideal approach for your business.

For example if your business is currently using Excel to generate quotations, ASC Software can automate many areas of data input to create a single point of entry for any particular piece of information. Excel can also be extended to integrate with other software packages such as MYOB and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

For further information on custom built software and how a system can be tailored to your business contact ASC Software today.