Microsoft Access

Benefits of a Microsoft Access System

Microsoft Access allows for the rapid development of applications that are used by a relatively small number of users and do not require the advanced database features of a full SQL Server system. Within Access application screens and reports can be quickly developed over the database structure. Microsoft Access has the familiar look and feel of the Microsoft Office product range and may already be packaged as part of your Microsoft Office installation. Once an Access system has been created, it is also possible for end-users with knowledge of Access to maintain tables, create queries or new reports.

Is Access Right For Me?

Microsoft Access enables the rapid development of applications that will enable your business to see immediate benefits. Applications which are expected to handle less than 20 simultaneous users and store less than 1 Gigabyte of data are ideally suited to an Access system, enabling rapid application development combined with a familiar Microsoft Office interface.

ASC Software has considerable experience across a broad range of Microsoft technologies and can advise you whether Access is the right fit for your business.

What if I Outgrow My Access System?

Microsoft Access has a clear upgrade path to SQL Server when the performance of the system begins to noticeably deteriorate. If you have outgrown your Access-based database solution ASC Software's experienced database team can assist you by migrating your data to SQL Server. It is even possible to continue using all application screens and reports currently in Access to minimise the cost of such an upgrade. Or alternatively ASC Software can work with you to completely redevelop the application and reports in Microsoft .NET to leverage the considerable power of the .NET framework.

ASC Software has considerable experience in both Access and SQL Server based systems for numerous clients around Perth and can recommend the best cost-effective solution for your business. Even if an Access system has not been developed by ASC Software, our skilled database experts can extend or upgrade your existing system.

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